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  الجيش السوري لتحرير الانترنت

We hack because we are fighting against bad information, all of us ain't terrorists, or stupid boys who don't know what they're doing.
We're just some guys, maybe we've grown fastly, but we're curious.
Is it a crime to be interested in learning? Each of us has an own life, which can be good or bad.
We don't like to live in misinformation or ignorance. We want a better world, a world where there ain't inequalities,
differences, injustices.. a new world! We don't want that the world will be guided by multinational companies, we don't want a world like this.
We want a world without Christianity and Islam ! Religion has killed many people
Guilty of wars and injustices are believings, religions, racism, politic ideas, social conditions, communism and everything which makes differences between people.
We want this, and we're fighting for this. We are against each kind of war, against each kind of oppression, against each form of abuse of power: we're fighting and we'll fight in each place
where the individual freedom is threatened. We will fight under each flag besides people we don't even know but whose idea of freedom is the same of our one.
We haven't open access to the means of communication which are false, they say what they want and in the way they prefer, this is the only way to spread our ideas.
Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Romania, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chile, Peru, Myanmar, Brazil, Philippines, Palestine, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Turkey, Algeria, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Kenya
are places where freedom is a dream, open your eyes, open your mind, wake up,
and all toghether we'll turn freedom from dream to reality. You can agree with us or not. If you agree with us let diffuse this message to make our ideas become everybody's ideas.

But gets in Syria massacres , murder and rape of women and the displacement of elders, women and children tolerated at all …
This penetration to deliver a simple message to the world
about what is happening in Syria massacres and other … We want to get our message across to the largest
number of sites on the World Wide Web Virtual … Bye …
Free Syria …

أيها العالم …
انما يحصل في سوريا من مجازر وقتل واغتصاب للنساء وتشريد للشيوخ والنساء والاطفال لا يمكن السكوت عنه مطلقا …
وهذا الاختراق لتوصيل رسالة بسيطة للعالم عن ما يحصل في سوريا من مجازر وغيرها …
نريد ايصال رسالتنا لاكبر عدد من المواقع على الشبكة العنكبوتية الافتراضية … إلى اللقاء …
سوريا الحرة …

Freedom for women around the world
We will defend women's rights, especially the right to prostitution and abortion
any woman must be free!
Besides that, we will also defend the rights of sexual minorities !

All wars and crimes are from the fault of Russia and the religions
we will always fight against Russia and religious fanatics !

This penetration to deliver a simple message to the world
@ Syrian Hacker 2K20